How To Get Started

  • Read through the OASIS Handbook to see if the program fits your family
  • Call the OASIS office for more questions and speak with Patricia Goffeney at 360-376-1598
  • Fill out registration forms and email, fax or mail them to the office
  • Work with consulting teacher to set up Learning Plan.


OASIS School Announcements



Start the 2014 – 15 Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) by clicking on the grade appropriate link below.

* Before starting, please have course content, instructional materials, and CBI information available.  Information you provide will be saved and submitted once you click submit at the end of the form.

OASIS K-8 Student Learning Plan

OASIS 9-12 Student Learning Plan


MATERIALS – Last Day – May 15th:

If you are needing materials for the weeks between now and the end of the school year let your OASIS Teacher know. Examples – Assessment materials (such as reading fluency and comprehension informal assessments); student finished math textbook or program for the year and needs some extra skill practice or math application or enrichment; needs extra work with (e.g. grammar, penmanship) and needs a small workbook to fill in the gaps for the final weeks of the school year… etc.
Last day for Materials Requests for this year is May 15th.  Remember: we can’t pay for materials that aren’t linked to the learning plan, are for summer use, or are for next year.


The deadline for turning in an application packet to be a CBI for this school year (2013-14) is Monday, March 3, 2014.  CBI Application Packets are available under ‘OASIS Forms’ on the navigation bar of this website.




We are getting ready to begin enrollment for the 2014-15 school year. As always,
returning families will have priority of enrollment if all paperwork is returned
before the submission deadline. The 2014-15 school year enrollment paperwork will be
posted online and available March 1, 2014.

Open enrollment for RETURNING FAMILIES will begin on March 1, 2014.
Enrollment for returning families will end on April 15, 2014.


When re-enrollment closes, OASIS will open a wait list enrollment period for
potential new families. In order to be placed on our wait list, we require that ALL
PAPERWORK be submitted in a complete enrollment packet.

Once the completed enrollment packet is received, the student will be added to the wait list. The student will then be accepted into the OASIS program as space becomes available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We will begin accepting enrollment packets for NEW FAMILIES on April 16, 2014.
Wait list for new families will close on May 31, 2014.




We have put together a list of some of the BEST Educational Online Resources that are ‘cost free’ and ‘advertisement free’ for all of you! Go to the ‘Resources’ tab on the Navigation bar of this page to see the list.  The list includes websites for the following subjects: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Health/PE, Foreign Language & Computer Science.


Community Based Instructor FAQs:

We have been getting many questions about the two changes for 2013-14 regarding fingerprints and OASIS Teacher/CBI monthly communication.  Check the FAQs below for answers to common questions about these topics.

1. If a CBI was approved last year, does any paperwork need to be filled out for this year?

You can check the OASIS website under ‘Community Based Instructors and Facilities’ to see if they have been approved for 2013-14.  The CBI should check the first page of the CBI/CBF packet to make sure they have all the required forms listed for 2013-14. Most likely, CBIs need to provide proof that they have been fingerprinted (see next few questions).

Families will need to fill out a new Family Declaration of Agreement for CBIs they are using for 2013-14.  This form is available on the OASIS website under ‘Forms’. 

2. How much time do I have as a CBI to obtain fingerprints and update my forms for 2013-14?

Please submit all updated and necessary forms immediately.  All forms must be complete and in the file with the exception of fingerprints.  If we have not received fingerprint paperwork before the end of October we will have to remove the CBI from the approved list.

3. What are the new CBI fingerprinting requirements for 2013-14?

CBIs need to have fingerprints on file with the state in order to receive public funds for services.  Please refer to the CBI/CBF Packet for Fingerprint information.  Fingerprint Verification Memorandum and the Background Check Disclosure Form are mandatory for approval.  Both of these forms are in the CBI/CBF Packet.

4. What if a CBI has previously been fingerprinted?

If CBIs are wondering if their old fingerprints are current, then they can check with the place they received the fingerprints to confirm that they are valid (*if it has been more than 2 years since Fingerprints were completed then they are most likely invalid).

If CBIs were fingerprinted for another organization, school, etc., we will need to have the Fingerprint Verification Memorandum on file.  Signatures on the Memorandum of the person who conducted fingerprinting should be done at the time of fingerprinting.  If fingerprints have previously been done, you may return the Memorandum to OASIS without the conducting agent’s signature. 

The Background Check Disclosure Form is necessary for all CBIs regardless of fingerprint status.

5. Do CBFs have the same fingerprinting requirements for 2013-14?

All CBIs need to be fingerprinted if paid with School District Funds.  We are accepting an official document from Community Based Facilities (CBFs) stating that they do background checks and that their employees are fingerprinted. 

6. Will I be reimbursed for the cost of fingerprints?

Yes, OASIS will reimburse CBIs for the cost of fingerprints.  The money will be coming from the OASIS program and not from a family’s allocation.  Please submit your Fingerprint receipt to the OASIS Office after 90 days from date of Fingerprinting for reimbursement.

7. What steps do I need to take if I want to use a new CBI that is not yet approved by OASIS?

CBI/CBFs will need to fill out and send us the CBI/CBF Packet that is available on our website under ‘Forms’ and then under ‘Community Based Instructor’.   Please read these instructions carefully.  All required forms are included in this packet.

8.  What are the Billing Invoice Due Dates for the 2013-14 School Year?

The Billing Invoice Due Dates are posted on the OASIS website under ‘Forms’ and then under ‘Community Based instructor’.  The dates vary slightly each time because the invoice submission date is generally the 3rd Friday of month (with a few exceptions because of school holidays, etc.).

9.   How can I check to see if my CBI is approved for this year?

You will find the approved CBI/CBF list on the OASIS website under ‘Community Based Instructors and Facilities’ which will be updated as CBIs and CBFs become approved.

10.  What will the new OASIS Teacher/CBI communication requirement look like this year?

 Check the OASIS website under announcements for a message from Barbara Kline with information about what the monthly communication will look like.

Please submit all CBI and CBF paperwork to:

OASIS Office

557 School Rd

Eastsound, WA 98245

Thank you for your patience with this process!  We will do our very best to approve/process all CBI and CBF paperwork in a timely fashion.  Know that your quickest answer to being approved will be reflected on our website.


Important message from OASIS Principal Barbara Kline about CBIs:

As you have heard, we are planning to meet the state requirements for additional supervision of our CBIs in as simple a fashion as possible.   I want to update you on our current plans for implementation in response to some of the questions that we have received.

We are working on a simple electronic form that would be sent to CBIs monthly to meet the new state requirements.   We will be testing the new form with some volunteer CBIs in October to work out any issues.   In November, we will start the new system with full implementation from all CBIs by December.

If you know of a CBI who is interested in being a part of the October trial, please let your OASIS teacher know.
We do not want these new requirements to interfere with the work of the CBI or with the learning of the students.  Therefore, we are working to meet the state requirements as simply as we can.


Barbara Kline





Welcome to the 2013 / 2014  School year  ~ A message from our OASIS Principal

Dear OASIS K-12 Parents,

I am writing to welcome you to the beginning of another school year for OASIS K-12.   Welcome to our new families and welcome back to our continuing families. Teachers have been busy working on learning plans with students and parents and are looking forward to working with students on their goals. As always, we have some changes coming for this school year including a new principal, new state initiatives for teacher evaluation and CBI supervision, and the state-wide change to Common Core Standards.   We have been updating handbooks to reflect these changes.

Staffing changes include a different Principal for OASIS K-12. Kyle Freeman, who has done a fine job as principal of OASIS K-8 is now principal of Orcas Island Middle School and Orcas Island High School. Kyle will continue to be involved with OASIS at the 9-12 level because the two high schools share students and staff but I will now be the responsible principal for OASIS K-12. It is our hope that having one person in charge of OASIS K-12 will help us develop a more unified K-12 experience for our students and families. I have been involved with OASIS for many years as superintendent and before that as secondary principal. I look forward to working with staff, students and parents as we continue to develop this 21st century school.

We are working to comply with new state initiatives including the new teacher and principal evaluation systems.  Good teaching remains good teaching and our OASIS teachers are among the best. The new state system requires that we spend time setting goals for our work with students and parents, and that we regularly identify student progress and make plans for improvement. Teachers will work with parents and students to identify goals and student work that will demonstrate progress over time. Since this is not much different from what teachers in OASIS already do, the implementation of this new system should be relatively painless for you and our OASIS staff.

Thank you to those parents who spoke with your state legislators on behalf of alternative education.  Your advocacy helped to change some legislators’ perspectives on the value of alternative education and partnering with parents. While the state legislators have again taken a look at Alternative Learning Experience schools, which include OASIS K-12, and tightened up some of the requirements for teacher supervision,  many of the “new” requirements were already in place in OASIS K-12.   We were very pleased to see that the requirements around “in district” versus “out of district” students were removed from the bill so that we do not have to move OASIS K-12 to a more fully online program.  We will continue to explore and add online resources to student plans as appropriate.  We are happy to have the opportunity, but not the requirement, to add online components.  Choice is a good thing.

Also,  thank you to those who responded to our parent and student surveys for our self study last May.   Your comments were much enjoyed by our staff and by our visiting accreditation team members.  Our accreditation self study resulted in full accreditation for OASIS K-12.  It was a great deal of work but it felt very worthwhile to those of us working on the project.

The biggest change that we see for OASIS K-12 under the newest rules, is increased teacher supervision of and communication with Community Based Instructors(CBI’s).  All CBI’s, who are paid with school district funds, will now have to be fingerprinted and will be asked to communicate on a monthly basis with one of our supervising teachers.  We will be organizing CBI’s into subject groups and one teacher will be assigned to each group for communication of monthly goals and weekly plans by the CBI.    As always, we are trying to meet the state requirements (which we must do) in as simple a fashion as possible.

The final upcoming change is the shift to common core standards which our state is making slowly.  You will see these in the somewhat different standards we will be using for the student learning plans.

I am looking forward to working with you and the OASIS K-12 staff.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your student(s) education.


Barbara Kline